My Needle Felted Stomach for Gastroparesis!

I have spent the last few days going back and forth trying to work out what I wanted to make with my needle felting. Last night it finally came to me, a stomach! A green one at that!!

Today I settled down in bed with my toy stuffing, merino roven and my needles and got to it. I first formed the stomach cavity, then added the small bowel and a small part of the esophagus. I got it to a shape I was happy with then I added the roven to add some colour.

I plan to add a keyring on to it so I can hang it from my feeding pump backpack or my frame, I am unsure of what one yet!

My green stomach for gastroparesis!


If you haven’t tried needle felting and you would like to but feel it is out of your depth, forget your fears and give it a go! Just be prepared to stab yourself with a very sharp needle from time to time. I managed through this with only drawing blood once, so that was awesome!!


Yuletide Gifts 2016!

This year for Yule, I decided I would put my crochet to good use! I made some small gifts, and as far as I can tell, they have been greatly received!

First up is Deadpool, he was made for my nephew!


Next up is My Little Pony, made for my niece.


A Wizard Gonk, An owl mug cosy, owl keyring and not seen here is a brooch. These were gifts to my father and mother in law.


The brooch.


And the rest of the mug cosies.


The patterns for all of the above can be found at the following links:

My Little Pony – by Layla Stormrage

Deadpool – by Luciana Caro

Wizard Gonk – by Ling Ryan

Owl Cozy – by Katerina Cohee

The rest of the coffee mugs cosies were free handed.


Into 2017 we go!

Hey everyone and a very happy new year to you all!!

I must admit that my health hasn’t been too great the last few days/week. Nothing I want to really complain about here on this blog post so I shall move on to much more fun stuff!!

This year for Yule, Mr Triq and myself decided to get me a sewing machine. I have been wanting a decent one for years. We decided quite early on last year that we would wait until the January sales to grab it, as it made it much more affordable for us! I plan to adapt clothes to fit my tubes, make tubie pads and other tubie accessories and well anything else I want!

Today my sewing machine arrived! I am so excited!! In all honesty, I haven’t used a sewing machine for many years so I will need to be looking up a few videos to refresh myself. Our biggest question now is, where do we put it? ah ha! We will figure it all out eventually.

Without further a do… my new shiny!

I got a Janome 2032 model.


A pack of 50 different colours of thread.


The sugar skull material will be made into accessories for my feeding tubes.


The Star Wars material and Fleece will also be used together to make tubie pads. I use them around my stoma.


And my poppers and pliers, will be used for multiple different things but I bought them for my tubie pads.


I am one very lucky wee geek. I have picked up a few different hobbies in the last year, and this year I plan to put them all to good use.

I also received money as a gift and with that, I bought myself a few colouring books. When I am having a really bad day, I find colouring in bed very therapeutic.

These are the two books that have arrived so far.. another is on its way though!


This year I think it is fair to say I have been spoiled! It might be a tad late, but better late than never!




An Elephant called Elephant!

For my nieces birthday this year I made her a wee pink elephant. I had been fishing for ideas, and was told that she didn’t have an elephant and would really like one, so Auntie Triq to the rescue. Sadly due to being in hospital over her birthday I didn’t get to give it to her on her big day. After I got home my sister and brother in law popped over with the kids. I was super excited to give it too her, knowing how much she loves soft toys. I think it is fair to say she loved it! So much so Elephant went on a trip to school, much like Olaf the Unicorn!

I used a 4mm hook with Stylecraft Special DK in Magenta.




I got the pattern over on Ravelry from Forever Stitchin. The pattern itself was very easy to follow and the elephant worked up super fast and looked awesome once done!

You can get the pattern at the following link: Elephant by Forever Stitchin.


A Thank You Shout Out!

I know this is a long shot and all, but I really wanted to say a Massive THANK YOU to a very kind lady called Melissa B. I was RAK’d a very beautiful cross stitch chart from Heaven and Earth Designs on November the 29th 2016. I was RAK’d the Mini Cat Pentagram Chart by Lisa Parker. I have looked everywhere for Melissa B, but I haven’t had any luck. I tried the facebook groups I belong too but I can’t find her anywhere! So please do feel free to share this post as I would LOVE to say thank you properly!

So if you are reading this Melissa B, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You fair cheered me up!

Here is a picture the chart is designed from!

Copyright of Lisa Parker.52a6a8b29de47c520d868567b82c3bdc


Thank You!


Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves.

As promised here is the first in a line of updates I wish to share!

I made myself a pair of the dragon scale gloves because quite frankly they are awesome looking!! They also help keep my hands warm as I feel the cold very easy! Each hand took me a day to do, but I did find the second one went much faster. I was totally new to the crocodile stitch and at first I was intimidated by it. It looked much more complicated than it was and before too long I was off. I have even started making myself a dragon scale hood to match, but sadly that has taken a backseat as I finish up Yule gifts!

I used a 3.5mm hook and Ice Yarn – Diablo which is an Aran weight (Worsted). It took me ages to find a yarn that had purple and orange that I liked. Then I happened to come across this yarn. I love the colour, I love the look and effect you get when it is crocheted but I do not like the way the yarn seems to twist on itself. I spend more time sitting working the twist out than I do working with it. I have no idea how to get it to stop. I have tried unrolling the ball and winding it back up but nothing seems to stop it it from twisting. It is worth the effort though!!



The pattern I used was designed by Rachel Barlow. It was a fantastic and easy to follow pattern and can be found on Ravelry at the following link. Dragon Scale Gloves.


Hey everyone, an update!

Hey guys and gals, I have been MIA for a little while, sadly due to my health. However, I have been working away on projects in that time including other crafty things and also Yuletide gifts as it is that time of the year. I haven’t spoken much on my blog about my health issues because to begin with I wanted to make this my wee haven away from it all, but I have been planning on doing a section on it. It is a part of who I am and so I am trying to embrace it!

I have a condition called Gastroparesis, which basically means that my stomach is paralysed and I can not eat and tolerate food anymore. There is currently no cure. At the beginning of November I had my Nasal Gastric Tube removed which had been placed back in May ’16 (with several tube changes in between). I was meant to have a PEG-J tube placed on November 2nd, but due to some complications with my anatomy it was cancelled. I was kept in the hospital until they could place a temporary G-tube RIG on the 4th and I was then allowed to come home on the 7th Nov.  I had the G tube for a little over 4 weeks, and on the 7th December ’16 I had it swapped out to my more “permanent” GJ tube. I am currently at home now resting and healing. I finally feel up to blogging again, and can’t wait to show you all I have been doing in my radio silence down time!

I have also been spending quite a bit of time colouring in. I was given a few adult colouring books earlier this year when I was stuck in the hospital, and my childhood love of colouring was born again! I use mixed medium, but I recently got into digital colouring. Which has opened up a whole new world to me. And yes, I do plan to share them here too! My health may not be great, but my ability to create is strong! I love anything and all things artsy crafty so it keeps me occupied while stuck on bed rest.

My birthday was just last week and thankfully I wasn’t stuck in hospital for it! Mr Triq spoiled me rotten and surprised me into the bargain! So I will pop up a post with my birthday haul as I don’t want to hit you all with a big wall of text!

This is me on my birthday (8th dec). I was super stoked to show off my t-shirt but due to my tube placement I could only get the top end!


I just wanted to give you a wee update and let you know I hadn’t disappeared for good. I can’t wait to catch up on everything you guys have been up too! Keep an eye out for more posts through out today and tomorrow. I have lots to show you!!

Have a great evening,


Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. World of Warcraft Inspired!

A few days ago I finished my most recent project that I have been working on;  Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft. I have been in love with World of Warcraft for a very long time, so when I found the pattern over at Artistic Gaming, I just couldn’t pass up on the chance to make my very own Life Binder!

I spent most of today attaching her hair, I am no hair stylist but I think I done okay! The pattern for Alexstrazsa was fun, straight forward and very well put together. I loved every minute of making her, even though she could be a little bit fiddly!

Meet Alextrazsa!




The pattern for Alexstrasza can be found at Artistic Gaming. If you wish to make her yourself, hop on over and grab the pattern. Do make sure you also purchase the basic sackdoll pattern available as you will need it to make Alexstrasza!

I am now moving on to Christmas presents as time is getting short! Keep an eye out for updates!


Mandala Madness – End of Week 6 – Update!

And where are the other parts? I hear you ask!

Well if I am being honest, I have been waiting until the end of each completed week and taking pictures instead of each round. I am enjoying my Mandala a lot and got somewhat carried away, forgetting between rounds to take pictures. I do have a few pictures at the end of round 5 but I really don’t like them and they don’t do my Mandala justice. Today however, I grabbed a few pictures that I like and here I am to share them!

In the last few parts I have learned a few different stitches, the popcorn stitch and the bobble stitch. I really love the look these stitches give, they really do add to the depth of the Mandala!

I have had so much fun on my Mandala since my last update. I have went from the end of week 3 to week 6 and with each passing round I have fallen more and more in love with my blanket! I will be kept snuggley and warm this winter, another blanket to add to my ever growing collection! I can never have enough blankets!!





I thought I would throw in a picture of me holding the Mandala to give you a rough idea of the size of it so far.

You can find out more information and find the pattern for Mandala Madness over at Crystals & Crochet – Mandala Madness.

A massive thanks to Helen for all her hard work on this pattern and also a massive thanks to Esther over at It’s all in a Nutshell for her amazing video tutorials! You can find them Here: It’s all in a Nutshell – Mandala Madness Videos.


Mandala Mandess – Week 3 finished Update!

I finished up week 3 late last night or should I say the wee hours of this morning! I enjoyed working through week 3 and even learned a new stitch: the ruffle stitch! I finished up week 3 much faster than I expected, however I did actually work on it day and night. I am currently stuck in bed due to my health, so what better way to pass the time than working on my mandala?!








Week threes colours are:

Rounds 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 Amstelveen 1277

Rounds 25, 26 (Second Colour) – Deventer 1405

Rounds 29 – Deventer 1405

You can find all the information and the pattern for Mandala Madness over at Crystals & Crochet – Mandala Madness.